ICEBUG has developed a new, patented sole technology. Called BUGrip, the sole features carbide-enhanced steel studs in a carbon rubber outsole. On a slippery surface such as ice and snow, the steel studs give extra traction, but the sole can also handle mud, wet wood and other potential surprises during a trail run.

The secret of the technology is the mix of the rubber compound and the hardness of the rubber. On hard surfaces, the studs are absorbed into the rubber of the outsole. When running on asphalt, concrete or stone, a shoe with BUGrip technology has the same traction as a conventional running shoe, the company claimed.

The BUGrip concept was created over several years by Canadian triathlese Sid Kastner and the collection was developed in Sweden under the supervision of ICEBUG’s head of design, Eliza Törnkvist. Swedish multisport team, Team, contributed to the development process.

ICEBUG also intends to apply the new sole technology to WinterTrek, a hybrid between trekking and snowboots, which contains heat insulating soles, and waterproof breathable membrane uppers. For WinterTrek, the application of BUGrip is modified for the user’s need with the studs absorbed into the outsole at lower pressure and a different stud configuration – “BUGrip Trekking” instead of “BUGrip running”.