International non-profit organisation Textile Exchange has released the second set of its new Material Snapshots, designed to offer a deep dive into the lifecyle issues of 27 different fibres and materials. 

Produced in 2015 with financial support from VF Corp, and in collaboration with Brown and Wilmanns Environmental, the snapshots are a set of tools designed to help users understand why the choice to use certain materials makes a difference in the textile, apparel, and footwear industry.

The second set of 13 new documents within the full suite of Material Snapshots cover both "preferred" and "conventional" fibre and material options. The first set of Material Snapshots were released last month. 

Material Snapshots to help with decision-making

Included in each snapshot is an overview of unit process descriptions, process inputs and outputs, performance and processing attributes, potential social and ethical concerns, availability, certification and pricing details, suggested questions to ask when sourcing the material, and system diagrams.

The new snapshots are designed for more technical users such as materials, sourcing, and sustainability professionals. Users looking for more of a summary view of a fibre or material are urged to refer to the original set of 33 Material Summaries produced in 2013/14. 

Textile Exchange says the original Material Summaries and the new Material Snapshots are designed to be used alongside each other within an organisation to help educate and enable informed, intelligent fibre and material choices.