Retail chain Marks & Spencer claims to have eliminated the 'visible panty line' with a new range of women's underwear.

While the line of underwear elastic that protrudes through tight-fitting outfits has long dogged image-conscious women, the retailer's new range is made from a Lycra fabric that doesn't require elastic to hold itself up.

Instead, the elastic is knitted into the fabric and clings to the body because of its unique cut.

"What is so revolutionary about these pants is the cut on the leg, which means there is no elastic sewn on to the edge," a Marks & Spencer spokesperson said.

"All the elastic is knitted to be an integral part of the fabric.

"The side falls over the hip so the fabric of the knickers won't grip and your skin won't bulge.

"Not only will it hold in your stomach, but it will also guarantee no lines because the fabric falls over the hip and gives you a clean silhouette."

The range, to be released in January, is part of Marks & Spencer's spring lingerie offering.

Other new products include the Salon Rose collection, designed by Agent Provocateur designers Serena Rees and Jo Corre, the Wild Hearts range by Australian designer Colette Dinnigan, and the WM cotton collection which includes unisex Y-fronts.