Bad backs and circulation problems could be cured by a revolutionary new shoe from Switzerland that promises to improve physical problems through its innovative design, the South China Morning Post reported.

The makers of the new shoe claim the shoe's beneficial effects are not confined to the feet - but continue in a ripple effect up the whole body right to the very top.

Inventor Karl Muller said the footwear's simple curved sole was the basis his team had worked on to create what was effectively the smallest gym in the world.

"It works to improve physical conditions by activating muscles throughout the body and relaxing the joints and spine," he said.

Known as Masai barefoot technology, or MBT, for the way it supposedly makes people walk tall like the African tribesmen, the new footwear is already proving a success in Germany and Austria.

The MBT comes in three styles - as a sandal, a trainer and a business shoe.

"The curved sole means that when you walk the whole foot is being used, so the foot `rolls' from the heel all the way to the toes. People have said it is similar to the sensation of walking through deep sand. The hips and shoulders move in harmony with the motion of the foot.

"Wearing the MBT for 20 minutes a day can do wonders for the back and spine, helping to prevent slipped discs and back pains," said the inventor.

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