North Korean scientists have developed a new injection-moulding system for boot moulds and add they have intensified footwear research procedures.

In language characteristic of the regime in North Korea, a statement from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea says it has also created an injection-moulding system.

"Scientists of the Control Machine Institute under the State Academy of Sciences of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea have established a modern injection-moulding control system equipped with hundreds of sensing and driving elements including up-to-date control devices," it notes.

"They have also opened a way of making high-tech boot moulds and intensified research into a production process of various models of footwear."

New shoe and boot moulds have also been created "suitable for the Koreans' constitutional character and taste."

The shoewear will be introduced in the Pyongyang and Pothonggang shoe factories and other light industry factories across the country.