Kellwood Corporation, one of the world's largest manufacturers of apparel and recreational camping products, is to deploy Fasturn Inc's Operations Network (OPN) family of Enterprise Performance Management software throughout the corporation's world-wide business units.

The OPN software helps improve operations management by aligning corporate objectives, processes and activities of individual people, teams and multiple organisations as they execute their plans. The OPN enables effective real-time communication, process management and preserves accountability.

"Kellwood desires real-time visibility of all activities, acceleration of execution and the ability to identify potential operational problems as early as possible," said William Seagrave, CEO of Fasturn. "The OPN gives executives an enterprise calendar that is a real time snapshot of the status of all activities, operational impact and who's accountable for execution across the entire for organisation."

"Our current Fasturn implementation plan calls for a first phase that will manage the highest priority orders in 120 days and evolve to coverage of all orders and then to deploy quickly to the next division," said Don Riley, CIO of Kellwood. "This gives us the fastest payback, which is essential in these times."

Kellwood, with revenues of almost $2.2 billion, has launched an initiative to dramatically improve operational results from the synergy of leveraging corporate best practices from any business unit throughout the enterprise. The initial phase will focus on supply chain execution to improve revenues and dramatically decrease costs.

Supply chain visibility is a major challenge for apparel manufacturers and retailers due to lengthy, dynamic, multi-tier supply chains that are comprised of many suppliers and agents dispersed geographically to manufacture made-to-order styles. Product delays often result in higher costs to expedite shipping and eroded gross margins, especially for seasonal items.

"We are relying on Fasturn's Operations Network to provide our employees with a better method to organise, communicate, and execute to plan consistent with our corporate objectives," said Kellwood's chairman, Hal Upbin.

"Fasturn will drive our daily execution of processes and allow us to capture results specific to each process. We will then identify and deploy best practices throughout the rest of the corporation. Our supply chain execution is the natural place to start."