A new tool from 4R Systems Inc has been designed to help retailers optimise their product exit strategies.

MaxOut aligns inventory levels with the product's lifecycle, identifying the most profitable end-of-life merchandising decision out of all possible options, and applying advanced analytics to execute against those options. 

"Retailers that commit to seasonal inventory in advance of a selling season succeed or fail based on their ability to profitably manage inventory productivity over the selling life of their merchandise," said Jiri Nechleba, CEO of 4R Systems.

"Penalties for poor merchandising decisions are paid in missed sales due to under-stocked stores, or excessive markdowns.

"MaxOut allows retailers to move beyond markdown management through our lifecycle driven end-of-life solution.

"Through this approach, retailers actively manage inventories downward as a product nears end-of-life and then utilise alternatives such as markdown, consolidation and liquidation to maximise profits.

"As a result, the retailer minimises reliance on markdown, protects brand franchises and bolsters margins."