A new standard for communication between colour computers has been developed by the Colour Measurement Committee of the Society of Dyers and Colourists working in partnership with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

The new data standard is intended to overcome the problem of data communication between the many different colour measurement instruments and software systems developed for colour measurement.

These include quality control and recipe prediction systems, in addition to on-screen colour systems.

The colorimetric information created by one system is generally not readily assimilated by another because it is in a format known only to the system manufacturer. Added to this, new and existing systems are continually being developed and enhanced, and new data formats introduced.

The Society and NPL have defined a logical structure to cover all types of colorimetric data and have translated this into XML meta-mark-up language document formats as a proposed data standard.

It means that computers and spectrophotometers can now communicate data effectively, irrespective of manufacturer or system.