A colourful new T-shirt collection that aims to raise money and awareness for the prevention of teenage pregnancy has been launched by US fashion retailer Candie's Inc.

The New York-based designer and marketer of young women's footwear, apparel and accessories, has teamed up with The Candie's Foundation for the campaign.

The T-shirts will be sold in several different styles and bear empowering messages, including "Be Sexy, It Doesn't Mean You Have To Have Sex" and "Be Independent, Don't Depend On Him".

All proceeds from the garments' sale will go towards foundation funds to promote safe sex and raise awareness about the impact of teenage pregnancy.

Neil Cole, founder of The Candie's Foundation and CEO of Candie's, said: "The issue of teen pregnancy directly affects our Candie's customer, so we could not think of a better way to give something back to that community than by creating the Foundation.

"We believe that by educating these teens we can help to reduce the teenage pregnancy rate in the US and support young women in making healthy choices that will improve their futures. These shirts were specially designed to deliver a powerful message, while still being fashionable and fun to wear."

The T-shirts will also be sold in Gadzooks stores with a percentage of the proceeds donated to the foundation.