New benchtop spectrophotometers that help overcome the challenge of measuring and communicating colour across the supply chain, from concept design through final product, have just been launched by X-Rite.

The Ci7800 and Ci7600 instruments help users meet colour specifications and improve process controls, the company says, pointing out that in a complex global supply chain, there are many points at which colour errors can occur - from design, specification and formulation, to manufacturing and the assembly of raw materials, parts and the final product.

Communicating colour standards digitally and having accurate, reliable sample-to-sample colour measurement of materials can mitigate errors, reducing costly rejects, product rework and speeding time to market.

With end-uses including the textile and clothing industries, highlights of the Ci7800 and Ci7600 include an on-board camera that captures images of each measurement to provide advanced auditing capabilities. Sensors also capture temperature and humidity at the time of measurement.

There is also automated instrument set-up, with features for pre-loaded customer settings; measurement flexibility across opaque, transparent and translucent materials; and the ability to migrate legacy colour data.