Leading Japanese textile maker Toray has come up with a swimsuit made from sand-repellent material.

Made from a special polymer-lined fabric that prevents sand from cementing to clothing by repelling water, Toray will be adding the unique swimwear to its collection for spring 2007.

The company claims it has already generated huge consumer interest in the new material dubbed "Sandproof," which Toray developed using its state-of-the-art nano scale processing technology (Nano Matrix). 

Toray hopes to sell 100,000 metres of the new cloth in its first year and by doing so to re-energise the sluggish domestic swimwear market which as been in decline owing to a fashion for avoiding the sun.

"Sandproof" now joins innovative new swimwear textiles developed by Toray such as its quick-drying swimsuits, swimwear developed for Olympic swimmers that acts like sharkskin, and swimwear that moisturises its wearer.

By Michael Fitzpatrick.