Garment exporters in India are being offered help in finding new markets and buyers through an ambitious new business to business internet portal called

The web site will store information on the nation#;s clothing exporters and then try and match them with the some of the estimated 360,000 importers around the world that could be interested in their goods. CEO, Sushil Tibrewal, told news agency PTI the venture will create awareness about Indian products, their quality, costs, manufacturing facilities and standards, labour laws and government policies.

"There are over 400,000 importers globally of whom only 40,000 deal with India. Through the Internet we will attempt to target the balance 360,000 as also new importers," he said.

"Our initial target will be contacting companies which are currently dealing with countries other then India. These companies would be offered a primary membership with a view to creating the right image about the country."

India has around 6,500 active garment exporters – 2,000 of which are expected to subscribe to the web site before the end of the year.