A new range of workwear fabrics targeted at the medical market has been introduced by Brennet AG. However, Brennet workwear division sales manager Erich Ligg believes there could also be strong take-up from the catering trade.

The collection makes use of a blend of cotton with Trevira Bioactive, the latter providing the fabric's antimicrobial properties.

"This combination offers increased security against bacteria throughout the life of the finished garment because the anti-bacterial agent is permanently embedded in the fibre and cannot be washed out, even with the most aggressive commercial laundering," explains Ligg.

He adds that the fibres used are suitable for garments worn next to the skin and are environmentally friendly.

A further advantage is that the new fabrics will hold their original colour for the full lifespan of the garment. "As the uncontrolled increase of bacteria leads to fabric colour changes the use of a Trevira Bioactive/cotton blend offers a colour fastness advantage too," he concludes.

By Sonia Roberts.