Newgistics Inc, the logistics provider for the new economy, announced today it has reached agreements with leading mail and parcel centers throughout the US to form a comprehensive returns network for e-retailers and catalogers.

The return network includes AIM Mail Centers, Associated Mail &
Parcel Centers (AMPC), Handle With Care Packaging Store, Neighborhood
Postal Centers (NPC), Pak Mail, Parcel Plus, PostalAnnex+ and PostNet
International Franchise Corp, as well as other independently owned

Currently, the network includes over 4,000 neighborhood locations where catalog and on-line shoppers can return purchases.

"We are fortunate to have partnerships with these outstanding mail
and parcel centers. Individually, these stores offer quality customer
service and care. Collectively, they create a powerful and extensive
network of brick-and-mortar locations across the US," said C.J.
Gabriel, president and CEO of Newgistics. "Our partners will be an
integral component of our product returns service, ReturnValet,
which will make returns an easy and convenient process for both
consumers and retailers."

Through the Newgistics ReturnValet service, consumers receive
face-to-face customer service from convenient neighborhood mail and
parcel centers. This consumer friendly capability enables catalogers
and e-retailers to offer their customers a more positive returns
experience. Consumers also receive instant credit on returned goods,
mirroring the experience of a traditional "brick-and-mortar" process.
ReturnValet also allows for a fully customized returns solution for
handling the unique needs of each merchant.

"Our mail center partners have the personal touch that consumers
appreciate. Owners and managers of these centers go the extra mile to
provide a friendly consumer experience," commented Deena Byers, vice
president of marketing. "Our consumer research validates that
customers will be more prone to purchase items online and through
catalogs when an easy and convenient returns solution is available."

"Mail centers are the most ideal partners for ReturnValet because
of their high level of customer service and their multiple convenient
locations. The ReturnValet service will attract more consumers to mail
and parcel outlets, providing them with a distinct competitive
advantage," noted Charmaine Fennie, president of Associated Mail &
Parcel Centers.

About Newgistics
Newgistics is an innovative logistics provider for the new
economy. The company is integrating technology, traditional logistics,
and a network of brick-and-mortar stores to deliver cost-effective
logistics services for e-retailers and catalogers. Newgistics recently
formed a strategic alliance with R.R. Donnelley Logistics Services and
USF Processors to create the most extensive and comprehensive returns
management network in the industry. Through ReturnValet, the three
companies offer direct-to-consumer merchants a more customer friendly
and cost effective product returns solution. For more information,
contact the company at