Sportswear giant Nike has won a court order blocking rival firm Reebok from selling apparel bearing the name of newly signed New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, according to reports.

The order stopping Reebok from making, selling and shipping the allegedly unauthorised apparel comes following Tebow’s move from the Denver Broncos to the Jets in March.

But it does not affect Broncos products bearing Tebow’s name or anything made before 1 March, according to reports by Reuters.

Reebok has pledged to fight the ruling in a further court hearing, scheduled for tomorrow (4 April), which could extend the ban.

The order granted to Nike specifies that Reebok should offer to buy back apparel and recall it from shipping channels, but did not force Reebok to destroy allegedly unauthorised products.

Nike’s complaint claims that the company will begin an exclusive five-year contract with the NFL to sell uniforms and related apparel for all 32 league teams.