US sporting goods firm Nike has hosted the launch of a campaign to promote national climate and energy legislation.

Dozens of company executives joined union leaders, youth organisations and US congressman Earl Blumenauer at Nike HQ yesterday (16 February) to kickoff the Race for American Jobs & Clean Energy Leadership campaign.

The campaign argues that strong climate policies are urgently needed to create jobs, promote technological innovation and boost energy independence, and that the US Senate must act now on stalled legislation.

"We believe that building sustainable business practices will help fuel the economy and the environment," said Sarah Severn, director of stakeholder Mobilisation for Nike. "The time to act is now. The US needs legislation that gives clean energy entrepreneurs an even playing field to compete globally for innovation and job creation."

According to a statement by the campaigners, new policies could create up to 26,000 jobs in Oregon from 2010 to 2020.