US sportswear giant Nike has launched a new performance shoe that is says is the first of its kind to have been designed specifically for American Indians.

The Nike Air Native N7 is built on a new last created to give a better fit on Native American foot shapes, and profits will support 'Let Me Play' initiatives that promote an active and healthy lifestyle within these communities.

The shoe has also been constructed "from the inside out" with fewer seams and extra cushioning in specific areas for a better comfort and fit.

Nike says it believes creating a shoe in this way will help encourage physical fitness in a population with high obesity rates.

"Nike is aware of the growing health issues facing Native Americans," explained Sam McCracken, manager of Nike's Native American Business Program. "We believe physical activity can and should be a fundamental part of the health and wellness of all Native Americans."
Mark Parker, president and CEO added that the product "also exemplifies Nike's broader commitment towards sustainable design and community involvement." 

The Nike Air Native N7 will only be available through Nike's Native Business Program.