SportsTrend Info, the sporting goods industry's source for product sales information, has released the latest sales figures for the athletic footwear market.

Using the most current point-of-sale data compiled from the nation's leading sporting goods retailers, department stores and specialty stores, SportsTrend Info each week tracks exactly what products consumers are purchasing, as well as where and when.

The top-selling shoes, based on units sold, for the week ended August 13, 2000, are as follows:

1. Nike Black Twitch Shark 3/4 football cleat 2. Nike Land Shark 3/4 football cleat 3. Nike Jr. Tiempo youth soccer cleat 4. Adidas Grid Iron Onslaught men's football cleat 5. New Balance M803 BK men's running shoe 6. Reebok Classic Leather white fitness shoe 7. Adidas Galactic men's running shoe 8. Nike Air Amenity cross trainer gray/obsidian/white 9. Nike D5 basketball shoe black/textile 10. Nike Black Land Shark 3/4 football cleat

Recent footwear sales trends continued this week, with football cleats and Nike models posting the strongest sales. In line with the traditional late summer peak in football shoe sales, two football shoes again head up the week's list of the top-selling shoes in the nation based on units sold. The Nike Black Twitch Shark 3/4 football cleat has now held its position as the country's top-selling shoe for three consecutive weeks. Another Nike football cleat takes up the second spot this week, as the Land Shark 3/4 football cleat held its No. 2 ranking from last week, boosting sales by nearly 6,800 units. A third Nike product rounds out the manufacturer's sweep of the top-three shoes. The Nike Jr. Tiempo youth soccer cleat increased sales by more than 4,000 units this week, and more than 13,000 units over the past two weeks, making it the top-selling kids' shoe.

Adidas broke into the week's top five by increasing sales of its Grid Iron Onslaught men's football cleat by nearly 9,000 units over last week, bumping the shoe up eight slots to its ranking as the fourth most-popular shoe this week. New Balance also cracked the top five with its M803 BK men's running shoe, which has consistently increased sales for nearly two months.

Reebok's Classic Leather white fitness shoe, at this week's No. 6 slot, increased sales by more than 2,000 units, making it a top-ten seller for the second consecutive week.

Adidas posts a second top-10 product this week with the Galactic men's running shoe, a top-ten seller for three straight weeks, and this week's seventh most popular shoe in the country in terms of units sold.

Rounding out the week's list of best sellers are three more Nike models, giving the manufacturer six of the top ten shoes. At number eight is Nike's Air Amenity cross trainer gray/obsidian/white, now the best-selling cross trainer for three consecutive weeks. Number nine is Nike's D5 basketball shoe black/textile, the week's only top-ten basketball shoe. Nike's sixth entry into the top-ten list is the Black Land Shark 3/4 football cleat, which jumped from last week's 17th slot to No. 10 this week.

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