Nike says the store offers a wide range of products for football, running and action sports

Nike says the store offers a wide range of products for football, running and action sports

Sporting goods giant Nike has opened its first Brand Experience store in Latin America at Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The store offers products for football, running, sportswear and action sports, and is part of a concept that aims to bring new services, presentation, product testing and experiences to consumers in a large-format space.

Nike says there are only 15 Brand Experience shops worldwide, located in China, Japan, the US, France, Spain and the UK.

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Nike opens its first brand experience store in Latin America

The first store of its kind is located in the heart of Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro -- one of Brazil's most fashionable districts.

The store features Nike do Brazil's key categories: Football (soccer), Running, Sportswear and Action Sports, in the brand´s first such store in Latin America. There are only 15 similar spaces in the world, located in key cities in China, Japan, the United States, France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Brand Experience Stores offer far more than a wide range of product in each category; they offer differentiated services, presentation, product testing and various experiences to consumers, in spaces larger than 1.200m². The way product is displayed helps not only to tell the story of the product since its conception, but also it helps consumers search and find by themselves the best product to cater their needs.

Furniture, design, materials and architecture recreate the atmosphere of an old gym, with sports as the center of the dialogue with consumers. The space devoted to football (soccer) is the largest in the store. As a global leader in the discipline and as the sponsor of the Seleção Brasileira since 1996, the Nike Ipanema Store showcases a wide range of official and free time product, ranging from Nike sponsored global teams, to Brazilian National Team product, to those of local clubs, expressing Brazil's unique passion for futebol.

The Nike Store Ipanema, a space of 1.200m², includes 3 levels and a Brand Space at the top of the building: a special venue reserved for exclusive events and launches.

On October 10, Nike do Brazil presented the store to media with the presence of athletes such as Marilson Gomes dos Santos (long distance runner), Ana Claudia Lemos (sprinter), Maurren Maggi (long jumper), Odair Ferreira dos Santos (Paraolympic runner), Pedro Scooby (free style surfer). The store officially opens to the public on Friday October 12, 2012. The store is located in Avenida  Visconde de Pirajá, 485, in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. 

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