Nike has acquired a minority stake in LLamasoft, as part of moves to make Nike's supply chain more efficient and environmentally sustainable.

LLamasoft is a Michigan-based company that develops supply chain and transport design software. Nike has been a customer of the company for two years.

Nike said that supply chain design is a vital business process for companies with a global footprint, as organizations work to balance factors including cost, service and environmental impact in an unpredictable global marketplace.

Llamasoft's software can be used to create simulation models that allow customers to consider the impacts of making changes to their supply chain. A separate product allows companies to allow transportation routing to its supply chain design models.

"Innovation and sustainability are core to Nike Inc.'s operations and this new partnership with LLamasoft represents unique opportunities in both of these areas," said Nike VP of global operations and technology Hans Van Alebeek.

"Through working with LLamasoft as a customer, we recognised the potential to collaborate on innovative supply chain solutions that offer real time logistics benefits and the potential to positively impact our efforts around carbon reduction."

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.