Nylon yarn specialist Nilit is to launch its latest performance fiber, a heat natural warmth insulation yarn, in Germany later this month.

The Nilit Heat Nylon 6.6 yarn will launch at the Munich ISPO show, which runs from 26 to 29 January.

Designed to conserve and maintain natural body heat, the yarn keeps wearers warmer and protects from outside low temperatures.

The fiber is made with coffee charcoal and offers "superior" thermo insulation, anti-bacterial properties, a "powerful" deodorizing effect, and "a sweat-free sensation", Nilit claims.

"We're very excited about our innovative Nilit Heat yarn and its unparalleled performance," said Alon Weiser, R&D and technical service manager at Nilit. "The complex structure of the coffee charcoal additive in this incredible yarn effectively captures body heat and keeps it in the garment, to keep wearers warm in any weather."