Nylon fibre maker Nylstar has unveiled details of a new fabric line-up called Meryl Actisystem, which has been specifically designed for activewear apparel and sees its official launch later this month.

The new cloths in Meryl Actisystem utilise one specific Meryl sub-brand to accentuate a particular performance feature or combine two or more Meryl yarns with varying performance properties - providing activewear manufacturers with a broad range of styling and end-use applications.

"These fabrics go beyond activewear - they take durability, moisture management and protection to new levels," said Dina Dunn, vice president of marketing for Nylstar North America. "Garments made with Meryl Actisystem are the most advanced products brought to market, and sure to please the most discerning of consumers. They perform with automatic efficiency without sacrificing comfort."

Sportswear made with the new fabrics has a soft hand, dry quickly and provide exceptional comfort during any athletic activity according to Nylstar. The garments can also combine performance features such as moisture management, ultra-breathability, ultraviolet protection, extreme lightness, insulation, strength and durability, abrasion resistance, easy care, and wind and water resistance.

"Meryl Actisystem was conceived to add a technical edge to activewear fabrics," said Ugo Tinti, marketing projects manager for Nylstar Italy.