Certification information from Oeko-Tex is to be integrated into the ecVision's cloud-based supply chain collaboration platform, giving brands, retailers and wholesalers more visibility into their suppliers' products and facilities.

Details stored in the ecVision Suite will include suppliers' Oeko-Tex Standard 100 textile product certifications and STeP by Oeko-Tex sustainable textile facility certifications, along with certificate numbers and expiration dates.

The tool will help sourcing and compliance teams to validate the information against Oeko-Tex's global registry. If there are discrepancies, alerts will be sent to the manufacturers, as well as to the brand, thus ensuring up-to-date accuracy and transparency.

ecVision Suite will store and maintain this information in the platform, so that suppliers no longer need to provide the information separately.

Brands and retailers will also be able to search the database for Oeko-Tex certified suppliers as they begin new product development or make decisions about manufacturing and sourcing compliance with regulatory directives.

"Now brands and retailers can more easily identify responsible suppliers who have had their products tested to be sure they are free from more than 300 dangerous substances and that they comply with critical product safety regulations such as CPSIA in the US and REACH in the EU," says Dr Sam Moore who represents Oeko-Tex in North America.

"They can also find certified textile manufacturing facilities that adhere to the latest sustainability standards."

"With today's complex, global textile supply chain, having accurate product and facility certification information readily available makes everything easier, from collaborating on product development, to making sourcing decisions, to confirming regulatory compliance at the product, supplier and PO level," adds Gary Barraco, ecVision's vice president of industry development.