Low-cost menswear chain The Officers Club is to double its number of stores to 300 over the next three years, the Express on Sunday reported.

The nine-year-old company also expects its turnover to double to £90m by August.

Chairman David Charlton said the chain is poaching customers from middle market stores such as Marks & Spencer and Arcadia's Burton.

The company said it sourced clothes in the Far East from the same manufacturers that make products for top designer names but sells them for about half the price charged at other stores. "People are looking for value for money, " said Mr Charlton.

"There was a time when you could walk into Marks & Spencer and be confident of getting value for money but they increased their margins so much that people lost that confidence," he added.

Managing director David Glazebrook said: "The bigger we grow the better we do. It's easier for us to generate savings, which we pass on to customers. We've maintained margins and cut prices by 20 per cent on last year."