Just in time for summer, Clothestime is turning up the heat with its new "Be All That" campaign developed by Orange County's youth marketing authority, The Orange Zone (OZ).

The dynamic multi-media launch includes club-style radio spots, in-store mega-posters and fashion toppers, and vivid four-color direct mail that challenge Clothestime's audience -- women between the ages of 12 and 29 -- to "Be All That."

"The 'Be All That' campaign screams with a funky, flirty, fun attitude," said Mark McVicker, director and creative leader of the Orange Zone, a division of leading Orange County advertising, interactive and public relations agency, The T&O Group. "At Clothestime you can be sassy, you can be sexy, you can be smart. You can 'Be All That.' We make sure that message comes across loud and clear."

OZ stays in touch with Southern California's youth culture by meeting with kids in their own environments, like clubs, beaches and skate parks, wherever trend-setting youth opinion leaders are found. Interviews are conducted with "edge" kids, and results are presented to clients in the Zone Report, an individualized report on what's cool -- and what's not -- in music, fashion and lifestyle.

"The Orange Zone definitely has its finger on the pulse of the youth culture," said Franci Ramynke, marketing manager for Clothestime. "These marketing pieces capture the style and flair of our young, hip clientele and fit our overall marketing strategy to a T."

OZ's interactive division is also integrating the "Be All That" theme into the company's Web site which will debut later this month.

About the Orange Zone

OZ came to life as a guerilla division of the T&O Group, to service accounts with a Southern California attitude. Current Zone clients include Bear Mountain Resort and MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). During its first OZ winter snow season campaign, Bear Mountain exceeded its goal of attracting snowboarders with a complete audience flip-flop from 30 per cent snowboarders and 70 per cent skiers to 70 per cent snowboarders and 30 percent skiers. OZ also developed the MADD Orange County chapter campaign entitled "Bottoms Up" to scare young drivers into thinking through the potential consequences of irresponsible drinking. This campaign is now receiving national attention.

As a division of the T&O Group, one of Orange County's largest independent advertising, public relations and interactive agencies, and the Orange County member of the exclusive Worldwide Partners (WWP) organization, The Orange Zone's clients benefit from resources such as media buying power, creative reputation and interactive capabilities. For more information visit the company on the Web at www.adagency.com.