After two years of research, Outlast Europe GmbH and UCO Sportswear NV, based in Gent, Belgium, have developed a range of denim fabrics with temperature regulating properties.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the two companies was to make sure the phase-change materials' (PCM) coating would be durable enough to withstand the usual industrial washes that denim goes through - including stone and enzyme washes.

By modifying the coating process, the compound can now be applied directly into the fabric structure. This also means that the handle of the denim fabric is retained and the coating film is not visible.

Tests were carried out on pure cotton fabrics, as well as cotton/polyester blends and elastic fabrics (weights between 240g and 360g).

The agreement between the two companies means that Outlast Europe is responsible for selecting licensed partners and carrying out the licensing process. Denim specialist UCO will be in charge of the production.

Martin Bentz, managing director of Outlast Europe GmbH, says: "We are targeting high-end women's wear and men's wear brands that have jeans and casual products in their collection."
"We are welcoming the cooperation with Outlast Europe as it enables us to demonstrate our innovation power once more."

"Temperature regulation is brand new for jeans and offers an interesting added value," adds Rinze Koopmans, marketing manager at UCO.