The US is seeking “fully reciprocal” access to the EU market for US textile and apparel products in talks over the planned T-TIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) agreement.

The Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) said ongoing T-TIP negotiations were designed to create an “ambitious and comprehensive trade agreement that significantly expands trade and investment between the United States and the EU, increases economic growth, jobs, and international competitiveness, and addresses global issues of common concern”.

It added: “We seek to obtain fully reciprocal access to the EU market for US textile and apparel products, supported by effective and efficient customs cooperation and other rules to facilitate US-EU trade in textiles and apparel.”

US textile and apparel manufacturers sold products worth nearly US$2.4bn in the EU in 2013, but the USTR said eliminating remaining duties on exports would create new opportunities for integration into European supply chains.

“Enhanced US-EU customs cooperation will also help ensure that non-qualifying textiles and apparel from third countries are not being imported into the United States under T-TIP,” the USTR said.

Apparel companies have also called for the harmonisation and simplification of the rules governing apparel trade in the US and EU in the talks, which have begun their fourth round in Brussels this week.