Casual apparel retailer Pacific Sunwear of California Inc (PacSun) is upgrading its wireless communications network at its corporate headquarters in Anaheim to Meru's WLAN System.

The upgrade is expected to manage increased demand for Wi-Fi data and wireless VoIP applications at the company.

While PacSun had been using SpectraLink's NetLink Wireless Telephone system with some success, it found that voice quality suffered as traffic increased on its wireless LAN infrastructure according to the company's vice-president of
information services Ron Ehlers.

PacSun also experienced call dropouts when staff roamed from room to room and into areas where a high density of employees were accessing data applications from their laptops, Ehlers said.

The problem, he said, was in the access points and their inability to support lossless handoff and provide over-the-air QoS to voice and data traffic at scale.

Following a test of the Meru WLAN System, PacSun noticed good voice quality even in places where many employees were using Wi-Fi for data applications.

"Meru's system worked flawlessly in our trials," Ehlers said.

"It's rare to find a new product that comes in one day and works just as advertised.

"Meru's Wireless LAN eliminated the voice quality problems while providing high throughput to data application users."

Ehlers added that the upgrade did not require any changes to the company's existing Ethernet infrastructure.