Paragons Keri user interface is simple for any operator to use

Paragon's Keri user interface is simple for any operator to use

Gerber Technology claims to have re-written the rules when it comes to cutting, with the new Paragon platform launched today (25 September) able to produce high-quality cut parts regardless of material, application or operator, with just a few hours' training.

Using the analogy of driving a car, Mike Elia, company president and CEO, makes the point that "having a car that can only go fast in heavy traffic does a driver little good.

"But, having a car that's easy to operate, can navigate effortlessly through the traffic, makes adjustments automatically, and communicates with other systems, is invaluable.

"With Paragon, we've changed the sewn goods cutting paradigm forever."

Unveiled for the first time at the China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories (CISMA) show in Shanghai, China, the new cutting system draws on Gerber's nearly 50-years in the sewn goods industry.

Its modular design means it is easy to add on or reconfigure as business needs change, while sensing technologies monitor and automatically adjust operation and provide wizard-based feedback to help improve throughput and quality.

Its Ever Sharp technology speeds and extends knife sharpening, energy costs are said to be reduced by up to 20%, and easy-to-understand reports provide individual and daily job details that can be used to improve cutting efficiency and streamline workflow.

Seamless integration with Gerber's AccuMark pattern design system and GerberSpreader automated spreading systems contribute to enhanced order management and provide visibility to cutting room workflow, which in turn contribute to reduced job preparation time and errors.

"With Paragon, you get a system that's easy to use, produces accurately cut parts the first time, every time, and delivers single-click reports that help you continuously improve your cutting room," Elia adds.

Two versions of Paragon are available: the L-Series which cuts up to 2.5cm (1 inch) of vacuum-compressed material, and the V-Series which cuts up to 7.2cm (2.8 inches) of compressed material.