Outdoor apparel business Patagonia has invested in sustainable textile processor CO2Nexus through its environmental $20 Million & Change fund.

CO2Nexus has developed a sustainable method of processing textiles and garments using liquid carbon dioxide, which Patagonia says uses no water, consuming less energy and generating very little waste.

The system, Tersus, involves 20-30-minute cycle times and requires no separate dryer, thus conserving energy.

Benefits over repeated washes, Patagonia said, include down loft enhancement, water repellency and colour/size/fit consistency.

“Quite simply, processing textiles and apparel requires huge amounts of energy and water – and both are in crisis,” said Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario.

“CO2Nexus is a great fit for $20 Million & Change – it’s a young company using business and innovation to bring about positive benefits to the environment.”

The $20 Million & Change fund was set up last year by Patagonia to help start-up companies provide environmental solutions.