A new service that promises to help designers, product developers and retailers to speed up the process of sourcing has been introduced by AAPNetwork (the American Apparel Producers' Network).

All too often, contractors and their customers waste time by poorly communicating the details and status of product development. And they lose money on volume overnight mail, repeated samples, long faxes, e-mails and late nights. Which is where www.usawear.org comes to the rescue, as a service that provides users with help in pattern creation, pattern grading, sample production and the creation of a standard sourcing spec sheet.

Many major brands are not automated when it comes to creating spec sheets", says AAPNetwork's Mike Todaro, "they use 'white out' instead of PCs. We've received 30 page faxes with specs, sketches and descriptions from name brand manufacturers. What AAPN is offering is a fast, low cost way for those sourcing to use a detailed standard sourcing spec sheet which can be transmitted over the Internet.

"We have 20 years' experience sourcing, 6 of these on-line. By working with several of our members, we developed and agreed upon a standard spec sheet that captures all of the data, dates and description of a style. Using the Internet to share this sheet and post changes to it eliminates finger pointing, surprises and delay."

Users of AAPNetwork sourcing can contact AAPNetwork directly to start the process of creating their own unique spec sheet by style. This will then be broadcast by e-mail to AAPNetwork members who make the garment being sourced. Use of this standard spec sheet will continue to increase the value add of the AAPNetwork to members.

About AAPNetwork
For 20 years, AAPNetwork has built a community of producers of sewn goods and their suppliers in the US and Canada who believe in the power of networking. The American Apparel Producers' Network is a non-profit trade association for sourcing of designs, fabric, trim, supplies and makers of apparel and sewn products. Members represent over $2 billion is production capacity. AAPNetwork offers free e-mail broadcasts to source apparel production. Visit www.usawear.org.