Designer Paul Frank said he has been given notice by his former company partners to stop using his own name, and has filed complaints to try to prevent them from continuing to use his designs.

Frank, who left ex-company Paul Frank Industries on bad terms in November, wants the business to stop using copyrighted monkey illustration Julius, plus other animal images.

Frank said: "I'm deeply disappointed by my former friends and partners, Ryan Heuser and John Oswald, who are seeking to prevent me from being me.

"I'm a designer; that's what I do. Not only have they forced me out of the company I founded and refused to compensate me, now they are seeking to prevent me from making a living."

Frank said Heuser and Oswald were erasing his contributions to the company and falsely implying he had nothing to do with the company's 2006 fashion line.

Reports said Frank accuses his ex-partners of allowing themselves excessive pay packets and using privileges such as company cars for personal use after denying him his share of profits.

Paul Frank Industries did not respond to just-style's request for comment.