Leading men's apparel designer, distributor and licensor Perry Ellis International Inc on Tuesday said it had acquired the trademarks of the premium action sports brand Redsand.

The Miami-based firm did not disclose the financial terms of the deal but said it will "expand Redsand's sourcing and marketing capacity while opening a new channel of distribution for Perry Ellis".

President and COO, Oscar Feldenkreis, said: "We will distribute Redsand across new channels of opportunity for Perry Ellis International, from youth lifestyle chain stores to single-store surf and specialty boutiques."

Steve Timmons, founder of California-based Redsand, added: "This agreement allows Redsand to remain autonomous, but gives the brand access to Perry Ellis' vast resources.

"By tapping into Perry Ellis' sourcing strength and marketing power, Redsand will achieve its destiny as a premier lifestyle brand. In addition, Perry Ellis' international licensing expertise will expand Redsand's worldwide appeal."