Florida-based clothing firm Perry Ellis International Inc has launched a new software system aimed at increasing sales and improving margins by more efficiently managing customer inventory.

Called PerrySolutions, the system enables sales planners to analyse, model, and forecast inventory, as well as monitor replenishment, the firm said in a statement.

It added the software allows planners to work with a multidimensional business intelligence tool that sorts point-of-sale data by any product and customer attribute, allowing them to rank and group stores based upon the profile of a particular product.

"PerrySolutions helps our customers steer clear of under stocks and overstocks," said company CIO Luis Paez. "Our sales planners manage inventory to the door/SKU level based on the rate of sale, thereby increasing turns.

"In addition, we use PerrySolutions during the assortment planning process to allocate the correct quantities for the initial rollout."