Pierhouse has expanded its web-based print point-of-sale (POS) so that retailers can automatically update their digital screens as well as their ticketing, POS and kiosks, simultaneously and from one source.

"Retailers will be able to communicate their day-to-day messages, as well as execute promotions and brand campaigns, across their entire media output - in house or external - using information from one central location, accessible from anywhere," says Ian Hook, managing director, Pierhouse.

The solution integrates additional software that schedules and delivers content, including live pricing information, to digital screen, into Pierhouse's net.tickIT browser-based, messaging system. 

This enables, for example, a promotion, or a corporate brand reinforcement message, applying to one or 1000 stores, to be published to all of the relevant digital screens.

The message can either be scheduled in advance or appear within minutes on the screens by interrupting or slotting into sequence with whatever had previously been displayed.

Pierhouse's marketing management solutions are used by companies including Mothercare International and Sportsdirect.com.