Lifestyle brand PrAna says it has increased its organic cotton offerings by a further 11% as it looks to reduce conventional cotton offerings.

"One of prAna's core values is sustainability so converting current styles to organic cotton while introducing new ones is an ongoing initiative for us," said prAna senior merchandise manager, Christian Castellani.

"The environmental and social impacts of conventional cotton are felt worldwide from the time of a farmer plants the seed, to the time it reaches the consumer. The organic variety still only makes up about 1% of the overall cotton production in the world. But every time you purchase an item made from this sustainable material, you are voting for more organic cotton."

PrAna says it is reducing its conventional cotton offerings as it increases its organic cotton styles. Each new style it introduces going forward, the brand says, will be made from organic cotton.

The brand will launch a women's Alba Tank and Britt top in spring, in addition to a newly-redesigned Malibu yoga pant. For men, the Bronson pant has been converted from conventional to organic cotton.