Invista has developed a new version of its Lycra stretch fibre brand which has been engineered for better fitting and more comfortable garments as well as withstanding the aggressive washes and abrasions popular in items like jeans.

Xfit Lycra is a denim cross-weave technology available under license from Invista that delivers the benefits of 360º shape and movement.

Invista has also patented the warp stretch technology for making Xfit Lycra, which will be licensed to select mills, brands, and retailers. It uses T400 fibre which has high tensile and tear strength and holds up under the toughest treatments from localised abrasions to total destruction.

Cutting-edge jeans labels Serfontaine and J Brand are among the first to have been issued with licenses to use the latest version of the Lycra fibre.

Mik Serfontaine says: "The advantage of designing with Xfit Lycra denim is that it functions more as a performance fabric which accommodates the majority of the body's vertical movements, eliminating tension in stress points such as the knee area, inseam, and back rise and ensuring supreme comfort for premium denim jeans."