Prima Solutions has developed new supply chain software PrimaNet to cater for the whole retail range from websites to traditional stores. UK department store group Debenhams is one of the packages early customers.

John Norman, joint managing director at Prima Solutions said: "We recently completed a roll out of a 500-user system across all Debenhams buying and merchandising departments. The application, PROMS (Pre-Order Management System), is a PrimaNet module which facilitates gradual build up of order details to the point of confirming an order, at which point that information is passed electronically to the Debenhams retail stock management system. The software also supports the typical product development process of specification, costing, size-grading and critical path."

For companies like Alice Collins, Jeffrey Ohrenstein and John Smedley, all traditional wholesalers who in recent times have moved into retailing, Prima Solutions provides complete turnkey solutions including point-of-sale, back office, warehouse, distribution, import, manufacturing controls and, more recently, e-business and e-tailing.

Alice Collins MD, Matthew Barber, said: "The people at Prima Solutions understand our business and the business of retailing. Combined with their expertise in IT we have worked in continual partnership to develop our business and deliver the benefits we enjoy from an integrated, proven solution."