German-based specialty chemicals supplier Pulcra Chemicals has acquired the Skintex cosmetotextiles business from chemicals giant BASF.

Cosmetotextiles are often known as wearable skincare and combine textiles with cosmetic properties through the process of micro-encapsulation.

Pulcra Chemicals, a former subsidiary of chemicals maker Cognis, said the move brings the Skintex business back into the group where it was created. 

The Skintex range was originally developed by scientists from the Henkel & Cognis textile department. While Pulcra Chemicals was being established, the Skintex range remained with Cognis, which was acquired by BASF in 2010.  

"Performance finishes for textiles has been a target growth area for our business and the Skintex portfolio of products increases the offerings available to our customers," said Pulcra Chemicals president Brian Francois.

Pulcra Chemicals also offers products including auxiliaries for spinning, weaving, pre-treatment, dyeing and printing, along with finishes for fabrics and garments.