Textile firm PurThread has partnered with Beal Manufacturing and Pharr Yarns to create a clinically tested fibre with antimicrobial qualities.

The high performance fibre and yarn, called Sabiya by PurThread Technologies, incorporates elements such as silver to inhibit the growth of destructive and odour-causing bacteria, mould, mildew and fungus.

It is aimed at manufacturers of products for sports enthusiasts, industrial workers, and emergency first responders, and is available in fine denier, high-tenacity nylon and polyester.

"We are thrilled to introduce a next-generation technology to the marketplace," said Jenifer Smyth, VP of consumer, industrial and military applications at PurThread.

"The market is demanding a product that can work and play as hard as its customers, and with Sabiya by PurThread Technologies, we aim to meet that need. Our goal is to continue to drive ground-breaking science in all our product lines."

The antimicrobial properties of the Sabiya fabric are integrated at the raw material level, before it is spun into yarn. This provides an even distribution of the antimicrobial elements that does not wash off or wear off. Because the compound binds to the fibre at the raw state, the fabric remains soft and pliable.

This is contrast to antimicrobial textiles which may be superficially coated treatments that wash off over time, or are coatings on a regular fibre. 

The Sabiya line of products is available for a wide variety of uses, including athletic, intimate, hunting, and outdoor apparel.