Quiksilver has launched a new golf division in partnership with John Ashworth, co-founder of the Ashworth golf apparel company.

"For quite some time we have been analyzing the best way for Quiksilver to enter the golf apparel business. When John originally approached us, we decided to lend him a hand and provide him access to our resources. Now that we've both had time to evaluate this opportunity, we've decided to join forces," said  Robert B. McKnight, chairman and CEO of Quiksilver.

Mr Ashworth will serve as president of the new division and will oversee the design process as well as sales and marketing. Robert Redding, a Quiksilver executive, will be the new division's  VP of merchandising.

The new line, called Fidra, will be introduced at the upcoming PGA show in Orlando, January 26th through January 29th. The line is designed for young male golfers between the ages of 25 and 40. It is styled from premium cotton and modern blended fabrics.