Synthetic fibres and chemicals business Radici Chimica, a unit of RadiciGroup, obtained 41% of its energy from renewable sources in 2012, according to its latest sustainability report.

The firm released its latest sustainability report this week, which highlights water, energy and carbon emission savings, with the environmental impact of 90% of its products being measured via a life cycle assessment, including its polyester textile yarns from post-consumer recycled waste.

The latest report, its tenth edition, included new additions such as a wider reporting boundary, greater focus on environmental performance indicators and a spotlight on gender equality.

The report revealed Radici has invested EUR134m (US$183.5m) between 2008 and 2012 on research and development, maintenance of plants and technologies, improvement of production efficiency, product quality and services, and ensuring the occupational health and safety of employees.

In addition, the company achieved a 47% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 2010-2012, 91% water savings in 2012 and obtained 41% of its energy from renewable sources.

"I believe what is really important is active sustainability made up of tangible action, innovation and continuous improvement," said RadiciGroup president Angelo Radici.

"This is the path that we have chosen to travel, because sustainability, in all its facets, is not only good but also good for business. It constitutes a value added that characterises and differentiates us in the market. It represents something extra that we are able to and want to offer our customers."