Efforts are underway to boost the uptake of woollen fabrics and garments in India, with a new campaign aimed at dispelling the notion that wool is only suitable for cold climates.

Working with Raymond, the Indian men's wear brand and manufacturer of worsted suiting fabrics, The Woolmark Company has launched a complete new Cool Wool collection for Indian customers.

"India has a tropical, climate and customers avoid wearing wool garments in summer, as they clearly identify the fabric with winter," explains Peter Ackroyd, global strategic advisor for The Woolmark Company.

"We want to negate this notion. Indian customers need to understand the true potential, versatility, and the benefits of using wool in summer. With Cool Wool, we are confident and believe that Indians will fathom the adaptability of wool in summer."

The campaign is launching with a range of garments designed by Indian fashion designer Gaurav Jai Gupta for Raymond. The line, available from April, includes 100% wool fabric as well as blends with natural fibres including silk, cotton and linen.

Cool Wool garments are manufactured from lightweight Merino wool fabrics with a maximum weight of 190 g/m2 and a maximum mean wool fibre diameter of 22.5 micron. 

Research is said to have shown that wool performs better than cotton and polyester in the natural management of moisture and temperature, ensuring that Cool Wool keeps the wearer comfortable when temperature rises.