US President Barack Obama says a renewed White House | Black Market report that aims to boost US exports will make it easier for companies to find opportunities, gain access to financing, and reach markets outside the US.

The National Export Initiative (NEI), which was launched in September 2010, is a data-based, customer service-driven initiative to ensure that more US businesses can fully capitalize on markets opening up around the world.

The updated NEI/NEXT initiative has five core objectives: to help businesses reach the 95% of consumers who live outside the US; making international shipment easier and less expensive; expanding access to finance; promoting exports and foreign direct investment; and helping developed and developing economies improve their business environments.

"As our economy keeps improving, we will continue working to make sure our businesses can compete on a level playing field, create more good jobs here at home, and sell more Made in America products around the world," said Obama.

Under the NEI, the US has had four straight "record-breaking" years of exports - hitting an all-time high of $2.3trn dollars last year - up $700bn from 2009.

US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker added: "The NEI has been a remarkable success. NEI/NEXT is the next phase of this program and will help connect more of the 95% of consumers that live outside our borders. More and more American companies are seeing the value of selling their goods and services all over the world, but there are still many businesses that focus solely on the domestic market. They are missing out on potential opportunities for growth, and that is why we need NEI/NEXT to help spur every opportunity for these businesses to export."