Research from market analysts Mintel suggests some 65% of UK consumers will increase leisure spending as a result of next month's World Cup.

The figure is even higher when it comes to what Mintel describes as "hard core football" fans, while 81% of those watching the tournament in pubs are expected to spend more.

"Despite edging back into growth at the end of 2009, the UK economy remains in need of the boost to spending that can be delivered by the World Cup, ideally underpinned by a successful tournament for the England team," said Mintel principal trends analyst Richard Cope.

"Sport can be a significant driver of the ‘feel good factor' that encourages happy consumers to spend - and the opportunity of the World Cup this summer could prove just the ticket for both retailers and the wider economy."

More than 70% of adults in the UK - and more than 60% of women - will watch at least some of the tournament added Mintel.

Interest is not dependent on home success - only 13% of those following the tournament will switch off if or when England are knocked out.

Mintel's research reveals that 83% of UK adults following the World Cup will support England. Of the remainder, 5% will be following Brazil and 2% for Italy and Spain respectively.

However, Mintel's research also reveals many consumers have a reserve in mind when it comes to team support - Brazil leads the way with 9% of consumers followed by England and Italy with 5% each.

Regionality - and high profile club locations - also have a part to play in patriotism and interest in World Cup prospects said Mintel.

The highest levels of football and World Cup interest are apparent in the North West (32%) and Greater London (29%), where the greatest concentrations of professional clubs also exist.

Intermediate interest then peaks in Yorkshire / Humberside (26%) and the Midlands (25%) where the next highest concentrations of clubs are found. Scotland / North (27%), South East / East Anglia (27%) and South West / Wales (22%) regions follow.

But Mintel notes only 5% of British consumers say they would like to watch World Cup games in 3D in pubs or cinemas.