Retrospettiva, Inc (NASDAQ:RTRO), a supplier of moderately priced women's apparel, today announced it has officially launched its new business-to-business website and online catalog, located at
The site was creatively designed and developed by, Inc, a supplier of Flash and other Macromedia web technologies. The interactive site, which will allow Retrospettiva to participate in all aspects of B2B e-commerce, includes a complete online catalog with a large selection of women's clothing and photos, all available in a secure shopping environment. also combines Retrospettiva's vertical integration and knowledge of every aspect of the clothing manufacturing process by including a large array of information regarding the fashion and garment industry. The site displays links to industry associations, international shipping and sourcing information, clothing and textile news, industry auction sites, tradeshows, and tools for small business.

Borivoje Vukadinovic, CEO for Retrospettiva, said: "This is an exciting period at Retrospettiva, as we have undertaken the mission of building on our strength of a traditional `brick and mortar' company to also possessing a complete online presence, in an age that is dominated by the Internet and B2B online services. Management is confident in our ability to increase our revenue through and is diligently working to ensure maximum efficiency for both existing and potential clients that visit the site."

About Retrospettiva, Inc
Retrospettiva is a supplier of moderately priced women's apparel to national retailers, wholesalers, catalogues and design and manufacturing organizations under its customers' labels on a private label basis, exclusively in the US.

The company contracts for the manufacture of its finished products only after customers place purchase orders, including quantities, styles and designs. Since Retrospettiva is not involved in the design end of the transaction and the orders are, in essence, pre-sold, the company has effectively removed the risk normally associated with fashion and design, a risk that the customer, by default, assumes. However, the company is subject to the normal and customary risks of doing business inherent in the apparel industry. Additional information on the company can be found at its corporate website, located at