Swiss textile machinery giant Rieter is making a bid to acquire part of the privately owned spinning machinery accessory maker Spinderfabrik Suessen owned by the Stahlecker family.

Suessen originally provided the SpinCat and CleanCat automatons used to repair broken ends and clean rotors on Schlafhorst open-end machines, but the company, owned by Saurer (also Swiss) is now building its own system.

Part of the Suessen manufacturing is spindles and bearings made by Novibra which has an expanding subsidiary in the Czech Republic.

It is also involved in making heating equipment and a yarn relaxation machine produced by Hoerauf. This is used to heat-relax yarns such as acrylics for the production of high bulk knitwear.

After Suessen and Schlafhorst separated it was decided to launch a new open-end spinning machine at the last ITMA (Paris) where Suessen also presented a diverse range of spare parts for open-end spinning as well as its compact spinning process.

Rieter owns the Bavarian machine builder Rieter Ingolstadt which builds open-end spinning machines.

There has been a great deal of speculation about a possible merger between the Swiss giants Rieter and Saurer, both of whom are attempting to undersell each other. Each has a substantial shareholding by a single Swiss bank.

Of late Rieter has been moving increasingly into supplying components for the automobile trade.