Data collected by virtual fitting room provider has shown that clothing retailers could increase sales by up to 25% if they offered garments that accurately fitted consumers' measurements.

The data reveals what a retailer could have sold if it had the right stock, in the right sizes, in the right locations - a practice has described as ‘intelligent stocking'. co-founder and chief executive Heikki Haldre said retailers can buy in better proportions if they analyse the measurements of potential customers as well as their existing customers. 

"No-one is seriously predicting the end of clearance sales, but smart use of big customer data could see an end to rows of a particular garment, all in the same size, all at clearance prices, all because the buyer got the proportions wrong or sent them to the wrong part of the country," Haldre added. 

In men's wear, the best growth opportunity for retailers is with larger sizes, according to While just 5% of the smallest men are part of the 26% that are not catered for by normal S, M and L sizes in the UK, France, Germany and the US, 21% of the largest men are not catered for when sizes stocked end at size ‘Large’.

And while 7% of women qualify as a size 6 or smaller, 13% are only catered for by a size 20 or bigger.

Data from more than 38,000 female and 118,000 male British, American, French and German shoppers was collected using the company's virtual fitting rooms, where consumers input their measurements to find the right-sized garment.