Swedish retailer RNB is to streamline its JC branded stores to a single concept and replace the J-Store range it sells there.

Approximately 24 positions at RNB's head office will be affected as a result of the changes at JC, RNB said.

Combined with savings programs announced earlier, the company's costs will be reduced by SEK104m on an annual basis for JC, with full effect from the 2009/2010 financial year.

The retailer said that the effect of the streamlining process on sales will only be marginally negative in the short term though.

RNB said in a statement: "Purchasing patterns among our customers in the JC stores have changed as fashion has become increasingly ageless.

"Within the JC concept, we are also experiencing higher demand for products in smaller sizes, while demand for products in the J-Store concept has declined.

"As a step in addressing the changed purchasing patterns and, at the same time, focusing on the area in which JC is strongest, a decision has been made to offer an extended range that includes smaller sizes and thus replace the current J-Store range, which will be withdrawn from the stores."