A German clothing manufacturer and electronics firm have teamed up to produce a technology-loaded jacket.

Rosner has produced the jacket in conjunction with computer chip-maker Infineon, which incorporates into its design a 128-megabyte MP3 player.

The player is controlled through buttons on the jacket's sleeve, whilst a pair of headphones is built into the collar.

Wearers can also use a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone via the technology in the jacket.

Rosner and Infineon say the jacket is "geared toward technologically progressive, fashion-conscious men."

The jacket will be on sale via the Rosner website from August onwards.

Infineon has also worked on a similar project with outdoors specialist O'Neill.

Dieter May, responsible for strategy and emerging business at Infineon said: "We think it makes great sense to build electronics into clothes, and we are looking forward to develop further clothes with integrated electronic solutions."